Camp Karmyog



The Future of any nation depends upon the hard work of its people and corporate plays a vital role in driving an economy to meet up the the time bound targets and expectations of an orgnization (race to reach on the top of pyramid) they are working day and night and immence pressure ignoring their health ,relationship, ethics,happiness,contentment etc. Now this is the time to introspect oneself becauise somebody rightly said if you loose wealth ,you loose nothing but if you loose character you loose something and if you loose health you loose everything.

By keeping this in mind adventure rise has designed a module by the name Camp Karmyog, which has a keen focus on life style management. With love and devotion; we will offer everyone a modern scientific,holistic,healthy and balanced lifestyle education, training, support and counselling with the true awareness and understanding of the needs of the body,mind and soul. We offer various modules on health and lifestyle management like stress and time management,healthy eating habits, importance of yoga & exercises etc.



Overnight & Day out camping is an important extension of adventure program. Students managed their work independently, a face to face interaction with teacher helps to develop a friendly student-teacher relationship. Students interact with each other in a different, creative way, outside their regular classrooms. Student experience living out in tents and enjoy a new ford experience a bonfire, cultural activities away from home & feeling of personal accomplishment.


Camp Karmyog strives to provide the youth with the oppurtunity to challenge the human spirit and to experience the sheer joy & thrill of indulging in adventure sport under a single platform by making them accessible, affordable with an unconditional emphasis on quality & safety. If you have always wanted to challenge your fears and rish head first into the spirit of adventure, this is the package for you.



Most fortunate people on this planet are the teachers because teaching is the only profession that creates all other professions. Teachers have a responsibility to themselves, to students and to the society. Only a mentally, physically and socially strong person can do the noble job effectively.

Our module on Leadership & Lifestyle Management Programs helps teachers to boost their self-worth, confidence & optimisum.

In our camps teacher get a time outfor themselves away from the busy chores of life and through adventure and funfilled activities they improve on their bonding with their colleagues and their organisation.


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